Unlocking RNA’s Hidden Secrets

RNAPro•SAL™ was developed as an easy to use and cost effective tool for the collection of the rich sources of RNA [miRNA / mRNA]  found in saliva. The proprietary RNAPro•SAL™ device combines rapid and high volume saliva collection, [> 1.0 mL in less than one minute]. A unique built in Sample Volume Adequacy Indicator [SVAI] provides a visual indication that an adequate quantity of sample has been collected for downstream analysis. Following collection the sample is readily purified  by compression through a proprietary medium, which removes cells and unwanted components from the saliva. The clean sample, a ready source of RNA for miRNA or mRNA, is promptly delivered to a standard Eppendorf or Microfuge tube for immediate stabilization and use or for long term storage.

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Exploring the Salivary Transcriptome and the Salivary Proteome

The modular design of the RNAPro•SAL™ Device is ideally suited for the purification of salivary samples for multiple applications. Custom options allow for the collection and stabilization of RNA, proteins, or both simultaneously. In all cases the unique patented filtration device present in the RNAPro•SAL™ Device removes unwanted cells, mucins, and other “aggregation factors” leading to a “cleaner” specimen that is “assay ready”.